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Help send Pete Wirs and all Pennsylvania Masters to compete at the Masters Class F&G World Championships December 1 2019

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America Needs Your Support to get USA Back into First Place

Last Championship for 2018

The Veterans Class F&G (competitors age 61 and over) World Championship is last championship for 2018, following the Veterans Class A-E (competitors age 35-60) World Championships in Macedonia (Freestyle) and Russia (Greco-Roman)

USA Fell to Fourth Place

At the Veterans Class A-E World Championships (Freestyle) in Macedonia, USA (4 points) fell to fourth place behind Russia (10 points), Mongolia (7 points) and Iran (6 points). USA is tied with Macedonia, South Africa, and Turkey. USA isn't as strong in Greco-Roman, and may fall further behind. The Class F&G is USA's last chance to get back into First Place. 

Join Francis in Supporting Wirs

The Holy Father lends his acknowledgment of Pete Wirs making world sports history on December 1st by becoming the first terminally ill athlete to compete in a World Wrestling Championship. Are you joining the Pope to recognize history?

USA Wrestling Does Not Pay for Team USA to Compete

Unlike all other national teams competing at Veterans World Championships, Team USA members have to pay all expenses, unless their wrestling clubs step in.  Team USA needs your support to complete the puzzle.

That's Why We Need Your Support Today

Your generous tax-deductible contribution to the Pennsylvania Wrestling Club enables Team USA to compete at the Veterans Class F&G World Championship.

Sponsorship Support

Corporate sponsorship is available to help underwrite Team USA.  To learn more  Call the PA Wrestling Club President  Pete Wirs at 717-584-1776, Vice President Jon Banko at 412-400-0527 or Head Coach Donnie Peters at  217-242-8501 , or donate online.

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