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Last Championship for 2018

The Veterans Class F&G (competitors age 61 and over) World Championship is last championship for 2018, following the Veterans Class A-E (competitors age 35-60) World Championships in Macedonia (Freestyle) and Russia (Greco-Roman)

USA Fell to Fourth Place

At the Veterans Class A-E World Championships (Freestyle) in Macedonia, USA (4 points) fell to fourth place behind Russia (10 points), Mongolia (7 points) and Iran (6 points). USA is tied with Macedonia, South Africa, and Turkey. USA isn't as strong in Greco-Roman, and may fall further behind. The Class F&G is USA's last chance to get back into First Place. 

But Medical & Sports History is Unfolding

Pete Wirs crossing the 2018 AACR Philadelphia Marathon

On Nov. 18th, Pete Wirs became not only the first terminally ill Paralympic to compete and finish a Marathon, but he also became the world's first athlete to be wired with real-time Pulse Oximetry to monitor how his lungs and heart function in an actual sports competition.

The Oximeter's Volatility Complete Surprize

Wirs Pulse Oximetry Test Results

These Oximetry test results from both the Nov. 18, 2018 Marathon and daily use during walking and exercise, is reporting surprising and unexplained volatility.  The physicians are stumped. It's either the oximeter itself, or something new has been discovered regarding the interaction between the heart and lungs.

We Need Your Support to Continue Oximetry Testing

Blue Cross doesn't cover testing for medical research.  And the Club's cash outlays have become substantial.  Wirs' physicians want to continue his Oximetry testing at the Class F&G World Championships and throughout all of next year. Your contribution to the PA Wrestling Club assures these Tests continue.

How this Benefits You

If there is greater interaction between the heart and lungs which doctors have not previously known, it represents a breakthrough for all people, like diabetics, who suffer from metabolic diseases. It also benefits all Team USA, NCAA and high school athletes, and this discovery benefits all senior citizens.  We will learn that the heart and lungs work as a team which benefits everyone in doing exercise to maintain their health or for those who must do exercise for rehabilitation.

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